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My First Fork

A preference for one thing over another is innate. It's also a survival instinct. If this watering hole is better than that watering hole, and you're an elephant, it's in your genes to communicate that fact. And those that don't follow you take their chances. Literally.

However for humans, stating a preference - declaring that one type of food, music, or way of thinking is  "better" than another - can be perceived by some as being elitist, arrogant, or as they say in the U.K., "up one's self"; which perhaps help explain their food.

As I write this, I'm in front of a new audio system. While I consider myself a music fan and want to consider food and music as equals, I tend to listen to music while making food; the auditory being a single stimulus while the sights, smells, and tactical nature of food occupies the other senses. A good soundtrack makes audible what the other senses are celebrating.

Having been in the right place at the right tim…