Whining as a means to an end.

I've always written. In binders and notebooks, on typewriters, and on computers; the latter, for 28 years. And I've always loved food, though I fell in love long before I got to know it well enough. It was probably inevitable that I write about it.

My first blog entry about the "Death of the Martini", while a bit peripheral to the topic of food, encompasses why I started writing in the first place - I saw something I didn't like, I wrote that piece, and then began asking questions. Writing it all down gives me a point of reference, a reminder that something in food is broken in some small way.

At the end, I ask whether there might be a resurgence in cocktail making and, in the three years since I started FoodandWhining, I have discovered that there is indeed a resurgence, a revolution, a revival of "artisanal cocktails". Mind you, not to the point of being able to order a perfect Sazerac in any bar I enter, but I've been surprised by "secret stashes" of ingredients and skill sets.

FoodAndWhining is a tongue-in-cheek way of asking a fundamental question about food, one I've asked since I had to stand on a chair to watch my father "cook"; "This is great! BUT! Is this the best there is?"

It's also to encourage people to cook for themselves, and experiment, research, ask questions, and be bold. Food is the third-most essential ingredient in being alive and offers both an obligation and an opportunity to explore the incredible diversity of something you cannot do without. Apart from love and sex, what you consume should be considered thoroughly. Preumably your ideal sexual parner wouldn't be "ordered" through a drive-through window, so why should your food be?


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